Villanova Monteleone,
where history is rediscovered
Among trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, between the perceptible silence of nature, known by a select few, you will finally come to soak in the fragrance and history of Sardinia.

Horse Riding

At the riding association Vallitara Country Club, you can follow riding lessons at all levels, both beginners and advanced. The different levels, from the base, which still allows you to participate in recreational extremely interesting disciplines, aimed at more advanced levels to learn and perform more complex maneuvers.

The coop. Laborintus in collaboration with the Association Vallitara Country Club, organizes excursions and horseback riding from the village of Villanova Monteleone and arriving at Nuraghe Appiu Archaeological Park, where you can admire the village Nuraghe Nuraghe Appiu and, in the process of recovery and excavation.