La Sociedad Cooperativa Laborintus

Villanova Monteleone,
where history is rediscovered
Among trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, between the perceptible silence of nature, known by a select few, you will finally come to soak in the fragrance and history of Sardinia.

La Cooperativa Laborintus

The Cooperative Laborintus was founded in February 2001 with the aim to research and create employment opportunities and to enhance and strengthen the many resources, especially archaeological, natural and cultural features of the town of Villanova Monteleone.

The town of Villanova Monteleone is located in the historic province of Sassari, overlooking the beautiful Alghero "Riviera del Corallo". In addition to  the unspoilt coastline, with small rocky beaches and stunning architecture,  in inland areas, the town offers a beautiful area of high hills with a massive plateau that is reflected on the lake starting from the river Temo.

Many archaeological sites can be found in this varied landscape, in a valuable, natural and agricultural environment. Some of which are managed by the Laborintus cooperative, with a regional contribution and a communal convention.

The remarkable heritage of Villanova has always been there, among centuries-old trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, in the perceptible silence of nature. A select few knew it, but it is now accessible by anyone wishing to immerse himself in the fragrances and in the history of Sardinia.

.Anyone who loves and respects his own land and who is proud of it, wants the host to seize the best, introducing him to the knowledge of Sardinia resources in a view of protecting and preserving.

The cooperative works in this way: the area is kept alive and the environment is preserved and what seems to belong to few is put at everyone disposal.

We hope that the thirst for knowledge and curiosity will lead you in one of the oldest and most unique lands in the world.

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