Villanova Monteleone,
where history is rediscovered
Among trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, between the perceptible silence of nature, known by a select few, you will finally come to soak in the fragrance and history of Sardinia.

Nuraghe Appiu

Arrchaeological Park of Nuraghe Appiu

Nuragic civilizat, XVI - 238 B. C.In the territory of Villanova Monteleone is situated, in dominant position, the vast archaeologicalpark, of nuragic age, called "Nuraghe Appiu". This park is...

Excavation of “Area A”

The excavated huts are 6, not communicating among them, except the room 1a.- All the entrances are face to the east quadrant (except, the room 7a);- all of them open onto a common courtyard;- the...


Parco Archeologico Nuraghe Appiu:ORARIO: 10:00 13:00 - 15:00 18:00BIGLIETTO: € 2,50Closed on Mondays