Villanova Monteleone,
where history is rediscovered
Among trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, between the perceptible silence of nature, known by a select few, you will finally come to soak in the fragrance and history of Sardinia.

Park and surroundings

The Giants' Tombs

The name given by the common people to the megalithic corridor graves of the nuragic civilization is due most of all to the noteworthy size of its body and the burial chamber of grave of some of...

Nuraghe Punta e' su Crabile

The simple nuraghe have been build near of the giants’ grave. This building, characteristic of Sardinia, consist of a flat-topped conical tower with circular chambers (tholos) arranged one above...

Torre Aragonese "Badde Jana"

The tower of Badde 'and Jana, according to the paper by Francesco Vico, in 1639. the construction of this tower, like many others, is due to the incursion of the Barbary pirates, who terrorized...