Torre Aragonese

Villanova Monteleone,
where history is rediscovered
Among trees and hills, among rocks and fertile plains, between the perceptible silence of nature, known by a select few, you will finally come to soak in the fragrance and history of Sardinia.

Torre Aragonese "Badde Jana"

The tower of Badde 'and Jana, according to the paper by Francesco Vico, in 1639. the construction of this tower, like many others, is due to the incursion of the Barbary pirates, who terrorized the coastal populations of the island from 500. the Spanish crown in 1570 put in place a defense plan that foresaw the construction of numerous watchtowers.

The route starts from the "Archaeological Park of Nuraghe Appiu" and is divided, for 5 km along the side that faces the Alghero-Bosa, in a landscape of rare beauty and charm. From the tower, built to protect the village of Villanova, you can see the entire coastline that stretches from Capo Caccia, the Bay of Poglina Up to Cape Marargiu.

Along the way you will be able to observe the typical Mediterranean vegetation, rare birds of prey, including the griffins and spectacular rock formations of tuff-gray azzurastri picturesquely eroded, among which stands out for its beauty and majesty "sa fortress pint", so named for the obvious aureolature originated from the elements.

Along the coast, below the tower, you can see the landing of Breast 'and knows Pazzosa, used by the Saracens for their raids. a short distance from the tower there is a large rock shelter 15,5 m wide and 5 m high. mtrova is a shelter next to Domus de Janas, oldest evidence of human presence prenuragico.

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